We are from Slovenia, to be more exact, the region of Bela Krajina which is known for lots of white birch trees.  Slovenia itself has a lot of wood, but it mostly exports it. So we decided to make our product out of wood, as we almost literally have the material growing in our gardens. When testing different types of wood, we found that birch wood meets our design requirements the most and also has a special silver-like color. All the wood is gathered from local woods, processed in local mills, and stored here in Bela krajina. With our work, we always try to find local companies so we can support each other.


Locally made

Working with local carpenters gives us an opportunity to be part of every step of the production and we are super proud of that. We hope that one day we will have our own workshop and we’ll be able to do all this stuff by ourselves!


Long-lasting design

GRAVITYboard is made from locally sourced wood. Wooden products are known for their long life span. A product such as GRAVITYboard can be used for generations to come. Because of its minimalistic design, it will always be in style.


Reusability and recyclability

The packaging is made from recyclable cardboard. Everything included in the package can be recycled. When designing the product we always wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible, so there is no plastic in the GRAVTYboard package.


Sustainable materials

GRAVTYboard is made out of locally sourced birch and walnut wood and packaging is made out of recycled as well as reused material. The wood is just sanded down, what is more, we do not use any oils or any kind of unnatural finish.


Environmentally friendly factories

GRAVTYboard is made in a Slovenian local workshop, meaning your hangboard will come from the hands of a local carpenter. We only use 100% certified Slovenian wood. A few of the boards are even made from our own wood which we saved from being used as firewood. We are also planning to buy a few birch saplings and give back to nature.