• Compact design
  • Travel friendly
  • Gently rounded edges between 10mm and 30mm
  • A 15-degree sloper
  • Adjustable angle by changing the rope position
  • Comes equipped with a rope
  • Available in birch and walnut wood


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The GRAVITYstick is a portable hangboard! It was specifically designed to provide many different grips but also be small enough and light enough to carry on when traveling. This allows you to continue training while away from home and reduces the risk of injuries on the road. At only 550 grams in weight, and with a unique design, it can fit in any bag. GRAVITYstcik was designed to work with the natural features of your fingers, giving you the most realistic and effective way to train. GRAVITYstick is your perfect companion when you go to crags where there are no easy routes to warm up. It is a must when going on climbing trips with your friends. With our portable hangboard, you only need a tree branch or just use your foot.

Our portable hangboard GRAVITYstcik is designed to be the go-to training tool for climbers. While conventional hangboards can often weigh a lot and take up precious space in your bag, GRAVITYstcik is so well designed that it compacts down to only 50x5x5 cm, allowing you to leave it in your bag – ready to be taken out whenever you want some serious finger training. We believe that when used regularly, our product delivers training benefits and helps reduce the risk of injury.

Our portable hangboard GRAVITYstick is equipped with edges varying between 30mm and 10mm. One of the sides is also a 15-degree sloper, but you can adjust the angle just by changing the rope position.

The world of climbing has been getting stronger, with year on year sending numbers at the crags going up, it’s time that you did too! We designed the GRAVITYstcik fingerboard to be your perfect training partner, anytime, anywhere.

Dimensions – length: 50cm (X), width: 5cm (Y), height: 5cm (Z)

What’s included?

It is equipped with rope so you can hang it immediately and start training.

If you are just starting with hangboarding we have prepared some tips for you. You can check them out here.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 5 cm


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