DvG winter beanie


  • Toasty and warm
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Available in white and black
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DvG Winter beanie


We present to you: toasty warm and incredibly versatile – the DvG winter beanie. This beanie is great for any outdoor activity you have planned this winter. Plus, it’s stylish enough to wear every day! 

Imagine this: You are out there in the crag, the temperatures are low, and the friction is high but you are cold. Our DvG winter har is the perfect head warmer. 

We have it available in white and black color. We try to design all our merch so it can be worn while you are climbing and also while roaming around the city. And our DvG winter har is no different. 


We usualy take it on every climbing trip just in case some cold weather comes. If you are looking for something less warm we got flat caps for you.

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