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zacetni tecaj sklanega plezanja dudes vs gravity rovinj 2

Tečaj plezanja – vse kar morate vedeti, preden se prijavite

Tečaj plezanja – vse kar morate vedeti, preden se prijavite     Kaj pričakovati od začetnega tečaja plezanja? Začetni tečaj plezanja je odličen način za pridobitev osnovnih znanj in veščin, ki jih potrebujete za varno in učinkovito plezanje. Tečaj je namenjen popolnim začetnikom, kot tudi tistim, ki se že ukvarjate z plezanjem, vendar bi se…

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portable hangboard gravitystick birch wood

GRAVITYstick – portable hangboard

GRAVITYstick – portable hangboard   After great success with the GRAVITYbaord PRO, we designed a smaller sister called: GRAVITYstick! A truly innovative, lightweight, and versatile portable hangboard for climbers. Especially for those who use climbing gyms regularly, but also for athletes who spend a lot of time traveling or training at home GRAVITYstick is a…

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training on gravityboard how to start hangboarding

How to start hangboarding?

Introduction You are just starting your climbing journey and you are wondering how to start hangboarding? We can give you some tips! Hangboarding is a way to improve your climbing by using your body weight to strengthen your fingers and arms. It can be done at home with just a hangboard. And we have the…

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After the success of our first hangboard – GRAVITYboard PRO, our first step was to create something more portable. That is how GRAVITYstick came to be. But climbing as a sport is becoming more and more popular, and that means many new climbers are trying it. When new climbers are starting their journey they usually…

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agoge 8a+ maltatal


AGOGE 8a+ | MALTATAL | BOULDERING We followed Luka Muzar on two trips in Maltatal where he had a little project on a boulder Agoge 8a+. The video contains shots from two visits, the first time we were there the light caught us and Luka could not finish the Agoge 8a+ boulder. A week passed…

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dude vs gravity bouldering in prilep macedonia


BOULDERING IN PRILEP | GRAVITY TRIP | 2018 This was our second bouldering trip to Macedonia. Bouldering in Prilep offers unique combination of adventure, beauty, and culture. This hidden gem, located in the heart of the Balkans, offers some of the most incredible bouldering opportunities you’ll find anywhere, along with a rich cultural heritage and,…

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DUDES vs GRAVITY presents: GRAVITYboard The GRAVITYboard was designed from the ground up to break all design rules of traditional hangboards and steer towards more natural curved shapes. We have created a PRO and a LITE version. The names are pretty self-explanatory. If you are just starting with your climbing journey, we would recommend the LITE…

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