We’ve designed GRAVITYBOARD from the ground up to break all design rules of traditional hangboards and steer towards more natural curved shapes. The board is shoulder width and mounted over the door frame allowing for a natural position while hanging. The installation is super simple and you can install it on any kind of surface. GRAVITYBOARD is equipped with slopers ranging between 20 to 45 degrees and gently rounded edges between 5 mm and 20mm. Due to a large number of different gripping options, training on our board is the closest thing you can come to climbing on the rock, inside.



With GRAVITBOARD, we tried to stray away from the standards that have been available on the market for many years. The old designs limit us while training and are not aesthetically pleasing. So we decided to try and combine functionality and aesthetics


Slovenia itself has a lot of wood, but we mostly export it. So we decided to make our product out of wood, as we almost literally have the material growing in our gardens. When testing different types of wood, we found that birch wood meets our design requirements and also has a special silver-like color. All the wood is gathered from local woods, processed in local mills, and stored here in Bela krajina. With our work, we always try to find local companies so we can support each other.


As our name says we are three guys who love to play games with gravity. We love all kinds of jumps, slides, and falls. But our greatest love is climbing. We met on a mission to get the perfect sunrise photo of a trad climb here in Slovenia. We immediately connected and started doing all kinds of projects together. One of our first was building a gym in the attic. This little gym was a catalyst for all our future projects.

We did a lot of small projects like jumping over a car on skies, doing a triathlon consisting of ski touring, ice climbing and ski jumping in one day, we built a 30m slide through the woods which had a jump on the end of it and we could go on.

But our biggest and most challenging project was our floating climbing wall! We built a first-ever floating wall and then organized a climbing competition on it. We also put up this wall in our city center so everybody could try it. As we think back we are still so proud that we have managed to build something so magnificent and fun.

All these projects brought us to this point where we are presenting you the GRAVITYBOARD.


What are the board dimensions?
Length: 65cm, width: 16cm

How much does the board weight?
1,5kg (3,3 lb)

What are the mounting options?
You screw the hang board in the wall with six screws.

Can you tell us about the edge sizes?
The edges vary from 5mm to 20mm.

What about the sloper angle?
It varies from 20 degrees to 45 degrees.

Are the edges rounded?
Yes, the edges are rounded with the depth varying throughout the hangboard. The roundness is similar to the one on Lattice hangboard.

Is the design symmetrical?