GRAVITYboard PRO vs LITE comparison: Which Hangboard is Right for You?



Climbing enthusiasts, seasoned climbers, or beginners, understand the importance of finger strength in conquering new heights. That’s where hangboards come into play, providing a targeted training tool to improve this vital aspect of climbing. In this blog post, we’ll dive into a detailed comparison between two of our hangboards: GRAVITYboard PRO vs GRAVITYboard LITE. Let’s explore the differences between these two options, helping you make an informed choice for your climbing journey.

grvityboard pro vs lite

Exploring Key Differences in the GRAVITYboard PRO vs LITE Comparison

GRAVITYboard PRO: Pushing the Boundaries

The GRAVITYboard PRO is designed to be more than just a hangboard; it’s a testament to the fusion of function and aesthetics. Crafted with a focus on enhancing finger strength, this hangboard offers a range of features that cater to climbers seeking to reach their high-grade goals. Here’s what sets GRAVITYboard PRO apart:

  • Sloper Range: With slopers spanning an incline of 20 to 45 degrees, the PRO version challenges climbers with varying levels of difficulty. This range allows for progressive training as climbers advance in their finger strength journey.
  • Edge Variety: The hangboard offers gently rounded edges, ranging from 5 mm to 20 mm. This diverse edge profile provides climbers with numerous gripping options, simulating the feel of actual rock climbing.
  • Wood: GRAVITYboard PRO is crafted from wood, offering both functional benefits and an aesthetic touch. The fine texture of the wood ensures a comfortable training experience that won’t harm the skin.
  • Customization: Climbers have the freedom to choose between lighter birch wood and darker premium walnut wood, allowing for a personal touch in selecting the hangboard that matches their apartment style.
  • Installation: The PRO version is designed to be shoulder-width and easily mounted over a door frame. The straightforward installation process accommodates various surfaces, providing a natural position for effective training.
gravityboard pro birch and walnut
gravityboard lite birch and walnut

GRAVITYboard LITE: Simplified Accessibility

For climbers stepping onto the training path or seeking an easier training version, GRAVITYboard LITE offers a welcoming solution. Tailored for beginners and experienced climbers alike, the LITE version combines accessibility with effectiveness. Here’s what sets GRAVITYboard LITE apart:

  • Jug Replacements: The LITE version replaces slopers with two jugs, making it perfect for pull-ups and dead hangs, ideal exercises for climbers who aren’t yet ready for pull-ups.
  • Deeper Edges: The edges on the LITE version are deeper, providing an approachable starting point for hangboard training. This modification suits climbers who are still building up their finger strength.
  • Wood Construction: Similar to the PRO version, GRAVITYboard LITE is constructed from wood with a fine texture. The emphasis on skin-friendly materials ensures a comfortable training experience.
  • Elegant Design: GRAVITYboard LITE maintains an elegant design that doesn’t compromise on function. It’s a piece of equipment that not only assists with climbing goals but also adds a touch of aesthetics to your training space.
GRAVITYboard PRO birch and walnut version


  • Elegant and aesthetic design
  • A sloper ranging between 20 to 45 degrees
  • Gently rounded edges between 5 mm and 20mm thick (0.2 – 0.8 inches)
  • Tendon-friendly
  • Sustainably made
  • Available in birch and walnut wood


GRAVITYboard LITE birch and walnut version a Climbing Hangboard for Finger Strength Training


  • Elegant and aesthetic design
  • 2 jugs
  • A 35-degree sloper
  • Gently rounded edges between 5 mm and 35mm thick (0.2 – 1.4 inches)
  • Tendon-friendly
  • Sustainably made
  • Available in birch and walnut wood


Conclusion: Understanding the GRAVITYboard PRO vs LITE Comparison

Choosing between GRAVITYboard PRO and GRAVITYboard LITE ultimately depends on your climbing experience and training goals. If you’re aiming to push your limits with varying slopes and edge profiles, the PRO version is your go-to. On the other hand, if you’re new to climbing or looking for a more accessible training option, the LITE version with its jug replacements and deeper edges might be your perfect match. Whichever you choose, both hangboards offer a blend of functionality, comfort, and aesthetics that can propel your climbing journey to new heights. Should you still be uncertain and seeking further assistance in making your decision, we invite you to explore our YouTube channel. There, you’ll discover videos highlighting the distinctions between these hangboards, providing you with additional insights.