After the success of our first hangboard – GRAVITYboard PRO, our first step was to create something more portable. That is how GRAVITYstick came to be. But climbing as a sport is becoming more and more popular, and that means many new climbers are trying it. When new climbers are starting their journey they usually lack finger strength. And one of the best training tools to increase finger strength and develop a rock-solid grip is a good hangboard. So we are super happy to present to you or new hangboard: GRAVITYboard LITE.


We decided to create a LITE version of our GRAVITYboard PRO hangboard. The new LITE version is suitable for complete beginners and also for more experienced climbers. The slopers from the PRO version were replaced with two jugs, which makes it perfect for some pull ups or deadhangs if you are not ready to do a pull-up yet. The edges are deeper which makes it easier to start with your hangboard training.

GRAVITYboard LITE hangboard

Overall we followed the same design principles as we did in the GRAVITYboard PRO version. The hangboard is made from wood which gives it a fine texture and a nice look that will not hurt your skin when training. All the edges are rounded to avoid tweakign your fingers.

The end product is an elegant hangboard that pushes the boundaries of finger strength and also assists you in achieving your high-grade goals, all while still making your apartment look awesome.


The board is shoulder-width and mounted over the door frame allowing for a natural position while hanging. The installation is super simple and you can install it on any kind of surface. GRAVITYboard is equipped with two jugs, a 35 degrees sloper, and gently rounded edges between 5 mm and 35 mm. Due to a large number of different gripping options, training on our board is the closest thing you can come to climbing on the rock, inside.

gravityboad lite side view
GRAVITYboard LITE birch and walnut version a Climbing Hangboard for Finger Strength Training


  • Elegant and aesthetic design
  • 2 jugs
  • A 35-degree sloper
  • Gently rounded edges between 5 mm and 35mm thick (0.2 – 1.4 inches)
  • Tendon-friendly
  • Sustainably made
  • Available in birch and walnut wood


Finger strength is frequently the limiting factor when bouldering, and rock climbing. If your fingers aren’t well-trained, you can plateau too quickly. In this situation, hangboarding is useful. As a beginner, you will make quick progress and soon be able to cling on edges and ascend routes that previously seemed impossible. A good hangboard and 30 minutes, once or twice per week, are all you need.


If you are just starting out with climbing and you want to improve your finger strength, look no further than our GRAVITYboard LITE. It is a beautiful piece of equipment that will instantly improve your climbing performance!