Christmas gifts for climbers Slovenian edition


You’re well aware of the prowess of Slovenian climbers, but did you know that our small country is also home to numerous climbing companies crafting exceptional gear? As December arrives, the festive spirit takes over, providing the perfect opportunity to give back to our community. We are celebrating Slovenian craftsmanship with unique gifts for climbers. That’s why we have written this Christmas gifts for climbers Slovenian edition article. We want to highlight some incredible companies offering fantastic products—ideal gifts for your climbing buddies. From hats, shirts, and tote bags to custom-made chalk bags, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect gift for that special someone.

1. Trinity Original: Elevating Climbing Lifestyle




Trinity Original is a company that makes wooden training systems, hangboards, chalk bags, and even custom crash pads. But our choice for this list of gift ideas for climbers is the T-SHIRT: CLIMBING LIFE. The Climbing Life T-shirt is a high-quality, long-lasting shirt made out of 100% organic cotton and printed with water-based colors. must-have for every climber, it not only provides comfort but also adds a stylish touch to your climbing

2. Ušivancija: Unique Chalk Bags for Climbing Enthusiasts


Product: Custom-Made Chalk Bag


Ušivancija, founded by Tina Sekolnik, seamlessly blends “uživancija” (enjoyment) and “ušivancija” (sewing) to create a brand that offers unique chalk bags. A custom-made chalk bag from Ušivancija makes for a perfect, thoughtful gift. Choose from premade options or order a completely custom bag. Every climber would appreciate this kind of personalized touch, and don’t forget to check out the special bag for your furry friends!

3. Oloncic: Stylish Tote Bags for your advetures


Product: Tote Bag


I think everybody has a friend who is carrying their climbing gear in some old plastic shopping bag, right? And we have a perfect solution. Jerica Polončič created a brand called Oloncic, that is making some awesome-looking tote bags. You can choose between different colors and designs. P.S. Ask her nicely, and she might even craft you a custom tie-dye shirt! Check out her creations on her page.

oloncic Discover Unique Slovenian Climbing Gifts for a Merry Christmas

4. Sugarleaf Beanies: Handcrafted Warmth and Style


Product: Blueberry Beanie


Who can resist the allure of a warm, fluffy, handmade beanie? I already have five, but I think I need more! And I know just the place where I can get it! Sugarleafbeanies is a company that makes beanies that are made with a crochet hook and created with love, inspiration, and creativity. You can choose between many different colors and designs. If you are more of a band person, they also have this option!

sugarleafbeanies Discover Unique Slovenian Climbing Gifts for a Merry Christmas

5. Funkybeta: Funky and Responsible Climbing Apparel


Product: Spot the Monkey – Climbing T-Shirt


You can never have too many T-shirts! And that is why we are showcasing another one. This one is quite funky! Why, you ask? Because it is made by a company called Funkybeta. And now, putting my bad dad jokes aside, let’s write something about the product! Their T-shirts are organic, responsibly made, and as harmless as possible. We chose a Spot the Monkey – Climbing T-Shirt. It features a print on the back, ensuring your spotters never forget about you!

funkybeta Discover Unique Slovenian Climbing Gifts for a Merry Christmas



This holiday season, celebrate the spirit of giving. And with unique, Slovenian-made climbing gifts, you support local companies and sustainability. Whether it’s a stylish T-shirt, a funky T-shirt, a custom chalk bag, an artistic tote bag, or a cozy beanie, these creations not only showcase Slovenian craftsmanship but also add a touch of warmth and creativity to your festive celebrations. And, because you are reading this on our webpage, don’t forget to check out our shop! You can find hangboards, hoodies, T-shirts, and more! Happy climbing and happy gifting!

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